Customer Relationship Management

Retain existing customers, acquire new ones with a wider range of services: these are among the key factors to support growth in a competitive market. Companies are looking for CRM solutions that offer integrated support for sales and marketing to manage innovative offers of products and services. These solutions, using intelligent customer segmentation, also make it possible to quickly identify and respond to new opportunities. S.S.I. is one of the leaders in offering CRM solutions, backed by many years of experience and results gained in various market sectors. We are able to support our customers throughout the entire CRM life cycle: from the requirements definition phase, to the supply of turnkey solutions and services in the following areas:

  • Operational CRM: Applications that allow the integration and coordination of customer-oriented processes: from customer support, to sales and marketing.
  • CRM Analytical: Solutions that allow the collection, analysis and targeted use of customer data. Based on this information, companies are able to make business-oriented decisions.
  • Collaborative CRM: Includes the technological aspects enabling a multi-channel CRM.

Business Intelligence

S.S.I. is one of the leaders in offering Business Intelligence solutions, backed by many years of experience and results gained in various market sectors. We are able to support our customers throughout the entire life cycle from the requirements definition phase to the supply of turnkey solutions and services in the following areas:
  • Design and development of analytical databases (eg Marketing Data Base)
  • Realization of analysis systems
  • Creation of simulation models and forecasts
  • Development of applications for vertical analysis
  • Budgeting, sales, marketing automation, mobile reporting.


Trust and security are key aspects in modern society that is moving rapidly towards an era characterized by the pervasiveness of the internet, mobile terminals, online e-commerce and e-business transactions. Both companies that offer services and the citizens who use them need to operate in reliable and safe environments.

Our strengths consist of a consolidated methodology, standard operating processes, a team of highly qualified experts, many of whom have acquired security certifications and experience with medium-large companies. We have acquired the skills to respond to different needs of ICT Security, from business processes, to organizational analysis, to the design and integration of even complex solutions.

The security services and solutions offered are based on the international ISO 27001 standards. They help customers quickly solve problems, identifying and managing vulnerabilities and threats to corporate security, minimizing risks and optimizing results.

Enterprise Application Integration

EAI represents the glue between company applications in order to allow an integrated view of processes and information flows between different systems. When systems are unable to share data efficiently, bottlenecks are created that require human intervention. Through the creation of an EAI architecture, companies can focus on their core business-related skills, rather than on solving problems related to the management of flows between the various systems.

We have participated in several projects where EAI has been used for different purposes, including:

  • Integration of data / information to ensure their consistency in multiple systems
  • Process integration between different applications

Independence from the supplier: extracting business policies or rules from applications and implementing them in the EAI system, in the case of an application replaced with that of a different supplier, the business policies or rules must not be re-implemented

Common front-end: the EAI system provides a single interface to the various applications, making it easier for users to interact with the applications themselves.


The Product sector, groups in S.S.I. very diversified and specific skills for the different segments. In fact, we believe that in order to best serve our customers we must offer a menu of services that can combine and amalgamate general skills, thus transversal to the sectors, with the specific skills and experiences of the sector (sometimes even the sub-sector) belonging to our customer.

Our product area deals with the following three macro-areas:

  • Software product development and maintenance
  • Pre-post sale development of third-party products marketed by the SSI
  • Ad hoc developments and customizations on marketed products.