Professional resources in outsourcing

The SSI staff includes personnel with considerable experience in the field of systems architecture, the management of complex application projects, application design, procedural analysis, data base structuring, professional software production and system testing in multiple development environments.

Senior consultant

It constitutes a resource of high professional content, enjoying a valid theoretical preparation, backed up by many years of experience. This allows him to enjoy a wide decision-making autonomy and to carry out the analysis and definition of the problems, as well as the proposition of suitable solutions that involve methodologies, tools and technologies, whether proposed by the supplier or by third parties.


Professional resource substantially similar to that of the Senior Consultant. It is mainly distinguished by having a shorter and more limited heritage of experience.

Junior consultant

A less experienced professional resource, but with sufficient theoretical preparation to enable it to deal independently with the analysis and solution of various problems in projects that include the tools and technologies proposed by Sistemi e Servizi Innovativi S.r.l. and by third parties.


He is an expert in structured analysis and design methodologies. The analyst has considerable technical experience as well as the ability to manage relationships with users.


Professional resource with a good command of the tools necessary to support the implementation phase both in the design and in the realization of the modules of a project.


Professional resource suitable for creating application software components within a context of procedural analysis.

System architect

Resource of many years of experience, which is in charge of conceiving the architecture of the IT system, ie the different components of the IT system on different SW platforms and their assembly and evolution over time.

Project manager

The project manager is a figure of considerable experience invested with managerial responsibility for the client’s job order, as well as the technical responsibility of the work group. It is also responsible for maintaining relations with users and with the various offices and facilities providing services of S.S.I.


Expert resource that combines a high level of specialization with a remarkable mastery of the techniques of representation of the topics covered.

Main technical skills

  • Microsoft
  • s.o. Unix (HP UX, Sun Solaris,…)
  • Dbms (Oracle, Sql server, db2,…)
  • Web Sphere
  • Middleware (Tibco, Bea)
  • Reti
  • Cisco
  • Mondo OS
  • Linux
  • Jboss

Main application skills

  • Java – J2EE
  • .Net
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Abap
  • Billing – Kenan Arbor
  • CRM – Siebel

Main services

System and application assistance

Our highly specialized technicians are able to support the customer in the choice and information technology solutions, from the initial analysis and development, to the commissioning of the project. Through our experience we can guarantee:

  • Timeliness in the execution of interventions (in order to minimize the “downtime”);
  • Continuity in relationships based on mutual trust and the possibility of obtaining personalized contracts;
  • Clear principles and transparent tariffs, in line with our professional seriousness;

The continuity of the relationship guarantees easily recognizable advantages and ensures timeliness in the execution of interventions with consequent reduction in machine downtime. Clear principles, customized contract proposals and transparent tariffs are the characteristics that distinguish us. The high professional level acquired by our technicians allows us to face the increasingly sophisticated problems of a constantly evolving field


Training courses

  • Thanks to the use of highly computerized and trained personnel as well as educational technology specialists, the company carries out training courses on various IT technologies.
  • Updating and training through courses for internal staff, IT technicians and end users.
  • Classrooms equipped with adequate and advanced tools and technologies according to high quality standards, such as to ensure maximum results and performance.

Network systems

The management and sharing of large amounts of information within the company intranet is drastically simplified by the adoption of management software, which automates the archiving and processing processes.

The presence of an intranet allows solutions such as the installation of centralized management software with which all users interact through clients from their workstations, or the creation of dedicated websites that can be consulted locally, as well as database sharing and Network resources.

S.S.I. is able to follow your company during the identification of the most suitable software product for the management of its activity, installation and configuration on both server and client platforms, maintenance and consultancy on the system. The S.S.I. it is also able to offer customized software management solutions, to accommodate the needs of any type of company, and to create websites dedicated to your corporate network.

Database management

SSI uses the most important database management systems such as those produced by IBM, Oracle, MySql and Microsoft SQL Server. Through our know-how in the sector, our designed solutions guarantee:

  • fast and efficient performance
  • news, products, or services sections fully editable and manageable
  • integration of heterogeneous and diversified data flows
  • data recovery

Our goal is to provide customers with a set of services to manage the company database with:

  • high flexibility and integrated data availability
  • reduced risk of data loss
  • effective assistance in maintenance activities

Application development

Development of highly customized IT solutions characterized by a high technological content.

In the entire implementation phase of applications for client companies, particular importance is given to understanding the business to ensure the realization of all the specifications as well as easy integration with new technologies.