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Enterprise Application Integration

EAIEAI is the glue between enterprise applications to enable an integrated view of processes and information flows between different systems. When systems are not able to share data efficiently, create bottlenecks that require human intervention.
Through the implementation of EAI architecture, organizations can focus on their core business-related skills rather than on solving problems related to the management of flows between the various IT systems.

We participated in several projects that EAI has been used for different purposes, including:

  • Integration of data / information to ensure consistency across multiple systems
  • Process integration across applications
  • Independence from the supplier: extracting business policies or rules from applications and implementing them in the EAI system, in case the application replaced with that of another supplier, the business policies or rules should not be re-implemented
  • Front-end common: the EAI system provides a single interface to different applications, facilitating user interaction with the applications.

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